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Nutrition Products & Counseling

New Leaf Functional Nutrition

c/o Synergy Center
4500 Pewter Lane, Bldg. 8 & 9
Manlius, NY 13104

Georgia Austin, CCN, CNS


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Georgia Austin, MSACN, CNS, CCN has been serving the greater Syracuse area as the owner/president of New Leaf Functional Nutrition since 2011. She is a dual board-certified Clinical & Functional Nutritionist, with over 20 years experience in the nutrition field. Her education includes a BS in Biology - where she thought she would become a teacher - and ended up working as an environmental biochemist, where the chemical exposure, stress of the job, plus poor lifestyle choices created a perfect storm of chronic, inflammatory disease. Georgia's quest to seek out answers, led her to the path of alternative & holistic care, which ultimately helped her resolve her health issues without medications. She wanted to help others seeking another path to healing, the same way she discovered, & went back to school, graduation in 2008 with a Master's in Applied Clinical Nutrition. After teaching at the Master's level, working as a practice consultant, & starting a nutrition store with another practitioner, she decided to open New Leaf Functional Nutrition in Manlius.

Currently, New Leaf operates out of Synergy Center - an integrative center with multiple holistic-minded providers that cross refer & coordinate care for their clients, for a true TEAM approach to health care. Georgia takes client appointments by appointment only, and specializes in helping adults over 21 with achieving their health goals. Functional/Clinical Nutrition can help anyone with chronic disease such as digestive issues, auto-immune disorders, hormone imbalance, fertility concerns, diabetes, heart disease, & many more. Many of her clients do not have diagnosed conditions, however they seek help for fatigue, allergies, managing chronic stress, brain fog, hot flashes, mood issues, perinatal care - or, just for general wellness. Georgia specializes in personalized care including: food plans based on individualized body composition (based on in-office assessment called BIA), lifestyle change coaching, use of medical nutrition therapy - i.e., medical foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, & other nutritional supports as needed.

Initial visits are 2 hours & include complete history, symptom review, review of medications & supplements, food & lifestyle pattern assessment, BIA testing, review of any lab reports. Clients leave with a personalized nutrition & lifestyle plan, request for additional testing from their doctor or salivary hormone test kit. Follow up visits are 45-75 minutes where a brief symptom inventory is reviewed, adherence to the nutrient/lifestyle plan is assessed, any new labs are reviewed, BIA is retested & then meal planning (if warranted) is discussed. Visits are usually spaced 3-6 weeks apart over a 2-4 month period, depending on needs.

The ideal patient for New Leaf Functional Nutrition is ready, willing, & able to make lifestyle changes for themselves and wants improved health & quality of life for a lifetime, rather than a "quick fix", and would like to do so with less reliance on medications! Call or email to schedule your appointment today!

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